Life Sciences
We, at Tech-pro understand the challenges life sciences companies face. We create solutions to help you keep up with today’s supply chain challenges as well as to anticipate those coming in future. The various business needs one requires include tracking and tracing, item level serialization, direct distribution, and cold chain flexibility. Our disciplined staff and processes, best quality standards and zero defects tolerance level mean that you’ll get reliable, consistent service. These processes also ensure compliance with government agencies such as the FDA and the DEA.

Tech Pro offers IT-based governance solutions that work for all stakeholders. We help government and commercial clients in solving complex problems in Information Technology, Medical, Logistics and Mission services. We have a highly qualified and experienced staff of experts and managers in all of our solution areas. We provide every client with the most cost-effective solutions, so they meet with their individual requirements as we know the significance of schedules and budgets. We are associated with leading Government System Integrators and have favorably deployed projects with numerous clients. Our subject matter experts and engineers have played key roles in the deployment of complex solutions and. Tech-Pro has the ability to perform in a host of challenging tasks and environments, in terms of identify, acquiring and retaining the professional expertise needed to ensure mission fulfillment.

Financial Services
Tech-Pro offers a full spectrum business and technology solutions which have been specially designed to support the rapidly evolving global financial services industry. We aim to be strategic partners, providing the right mix of offerings to support our clients’ unique business. We provide a full range of Financial Services from Banking to Mortgages and Credit Cards. To deliver flexible solutions to clients, we extract/reserve an exclusive fusion of technology expertise, industry knowledge and intellectual property to stay forward to the arising trends in financial services and to acquire competitive differentiation.

Tech-Pro’s uses the best-of-breed technologies and methodologies to consistently and efficiently deliver superior solutions. The solution set covers both packaged and custom developed applications including: Architecture Evaluation, Product Assessment Design, Evolution, Implementation, Testing, and Environment Planning, and System Integration Solutions for customers, groups, suppliers, payers, brokers, Web-enabling and re-designing of legacy applications, e-business throughout, e-CRM solutions development & deployment Upstream & downstream integration with external systems for e.g. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Data Warehousing systems.

Information Technology
In today’s demanding business environment, IT is a key business enabler. Tech-Pro delivers excellence and certainty across all of your enterprise’s IT needs. We offer a broad span of services to meet end-to-end needs. Right from strategic IT advisory services to services across the application space and infrastructure space, Tech-Pro qualifies to be your right partner. Our services are offered to you irrespective of where and how you need them delivered as we are perhaps, one of the very few companies that can provide you IT advisory services, meeting your staffing needs and at the same time, supporting your managed services requirement.