Recruiter On Demand

Recruiter On Demand by Tech-Pro is a unique & flexible option that provides you with the expertise and results while keeping headcount and budget in line. Our clients are provided with an experienced contract recruiter when they need one for their specific hiring goals.  

Tech-Pro enables clients to hire a recruiter for short-term or long-term, onsite or offsite.

Below are some common customer challenges – if they resonate with you, Recruiter On-Demand may be a solution to help meet your goals:

·         You have an increase in the current requisitions.

·         You experience highs and lows in our requisition load.

·         Your Fulltime Recruiter does not have the required skills for a few positions to hire for.

·         Lack of resources to bring on a full time person.

Recruiter On-Demand – Solving problems:

·         A short-term, specialized Recruiting project

·         A long-term, national sales force expansion program

·         Placing an HR partner within a specific Business Unit

·         Handling the HR side of an acquisition or divestiture