Permanent Staffing

As a company that invests in its Technology and People, Tech-PRO provides you fast-track placement of qualified and skilled permanent staff. We assure a measurable throughput in Quality, Cost, Speed of Delivery and Client Care.

Permanent staffing refers to hiring an employee directly on a long-term basis. Permanent staffing requires a higher degree of thorough search and screening process.

From 1989 Tech-Pro has established a ‘top of the range staffing solutions company’ status and built up a huge database for profiled Candidates. We use our experience, expertise and world-class assessment tools to match the best Candidates within this database to the country’s leading organizations.

As a 25 year old fir, tech Pro has grown into a company of choice for many international and domestic companies, both in US and India. Over the years, we have built up one of the largest candidate pool of pre-qualified candidates using innovative methods of sourcing and qualifying every candidate we put in our extensive database.

Our permanent staff recruitment services include:

·         Job profiling

·         Sourcing

·         Screening

·         Historical interviews

·         Competency-based interviews

·         Job specific assessments

·         Competency-based references

·         Background verifications

Recruitment is like finding the needle in the haystack, You Post an open position and you may get hundreds of resumes from job seekers with varying qualifications. It takes time and resources to assess and select the top talent, and all the while, your productivity is impacted by open positions. While you focus on your business, we help you fulfill all your recruitment needs. Our recruitment methodology includes screening, testing and reference checking, and lets your employees concentrate on core business objectives rather than sifting through resumes and wasting time interviewing the wrong candidates.


Advantages of permanent staffing to the company

·         Strengthens productivity and profitability of your company

·         Improves quality of your workforce

·         Fills key roles on your staff

·         Controls cost

·         Helps maintain trade confidentiality