Exit Management

Employee exit management is the process used within many businesses to terminate employees in a professional manner. It applies to employees who have resigned and those that have been terminated by the company.

Tech-Pro offers services to manage the termination of employees in a professional manner. Employers have a responsibility toward employees exiting the company. In order to ensure a smooth transition for the employees we offer services that enable employees to exit on positive and amicable grounds, and to avoid distasteful experiences for both the company as well as the exiting employee.

Even the best organizations lose employees, whether to layoffs or to attrition. At Tech-Pro, our first priority is to help clients minimize turnover through effective HR practices.

Our exit management strategy includes:

  • Transferring  responsibilities
  • Management succession planning
  • Closing out of finances, including compensation and expenses
  • Return of company property
  • Security issues such as cancellation of financial and other authority, building access, and electronic safeguards
  • Signing/reviewing of non-compete or non-disclosure agreements
  • Exit interviews
  • Identification of problems or issues underlying turnover
  • Communication with remaining employees